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Many people from all walks of life have often asked an all too important question. When is the best time to sell gold , scrap gold and old gold jewelry?

Historically speaking, gold trends since the 1800s to the present time have demonstrated that gold and precious metals are a stable and secure investment. In fact, from the early 1800s to the present time the value of gold compared to the US dollar has remained stable and in many cases exceeded all expectations.  Moreover, the supply of recycled gold, or scrap gold, is an important part of the dynamics of the gold market and depends largely on economic circumstances and on the fluctuations in the price of gold. It has been noted that the gold scrap supply typically rises in times of economic distress or following a value/price increase.

Unlike the US dollar or any other floated fiscal currency, gold (and also silver) have maintained a firm stability not subject to the same manipulative forces that typically affect world currencies. Gold is not subject to inflation or depression and that is why it is such an attractive investment alternative.  In fact, when the Dollar drops in value gold is seen to be more valuable because it does not follow the drops typically suffered by fiscal currencies.  It thus maintains its own integrity and value and is impervious from inflationary monetary cycles.

The main driver for investing in gold will always be to safeguard one’s acquired wealth and/or to make a profit.  So, what is the best time to  sell gold and/or scrap gold? The simple and direct answer is when you need to and when times call for it.  But keep in mind that timing is everything and that selling at peak value points will be more profitable to you.

Selling your gold and scrap gold is a proven method of making a substantial profit. . Since the value of gold has been rising steadily, more and more people are becoming aware that they can sell their jewelry, gold coins and scrap gold to make a substantial profit from it.